Uses of Class 2 digital signature certificate

Income Tax ITR and e-filing

Class 2 for Income Tax Filing

According to the ministry of corporate affairs (MCA) it is mandatory to have a digital signature certificate under the MCA21, now it is necessary to get class 2 digital signature if you want to file income tax, class 2 digital signature is required for e-filing


Class 2 for foreign trade and MCA ROC

A digital signature contains the details of owner like name, identity, sign and public key called PKI it is certified by CA authority and MCA21 are necessary to get class 2 digital signature certificate and for foreign trade class 2 is required

GST registration

Class 2 Digital signature for GST

GST registration is necessary for every firm in case of this a digital sign document is required to get a GST no, GST portal accept digital signature to verify you properly

DIN (Director Identification No)

Class 2 for Director Identification No

DSC digital signature class 2 is required under the MCA21, to apply for DIN you must have class 2 signature certificate to get your Director identification no (DIN)

16/16A Form sign

Class 2 signature for 16/16A form signing

Class 2 certificate is used to sign documents for 16/16A for registration

Difference between Class 2 signature and class 3 Digital signature

Class 2 Signature Certificate

The use of class 2 is to verify the signer’s details, it is widely used by many individuals or org, you can easily download it after verification from a trusted digital signature provider

Class 3 Signature Certificate

class 3 digital signature is a secure digital signature, it is known for its safety and secureness, for security purpose, it is issued after the identity certification, widely used in many online sites where data security like personal information is stored and needs to protected.

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Class 2 Signature Price

  • TYPE
  • Class 2 Digital signature Individual
  • Class 2 Individual combo
  • Class 2 Organisation
  • Duration
  • 2 year
  • 2 year
  • 2 year
  • Price
  • 700 Rs
  • 1500 Rs
  • 2000 Rs

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