Uses of Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate


Class 3 digital signature for E-Tendering

Class 2 digital signature certificates are mostly used on etender or eAuction on several govt websites and private websites, class 3 digital signature is necessary to apply tender through govt websites, Class 3 digital signature certificate is available through 3-year time span.

Trademark and eFiling

Class 3 Digital Signature for Trademark and patent eFiling 

Class 3 digital signature required for getting a Trademark, class 3 DSC is necessary to apply for a trademark through the department of trademark in which your information easily reaches to apply, same as you need class 3 digital signature to apply for eFiling.


IRCTC (railway and eTicketing)

Class 3 Digital Signature for Railway and eTicketing

Class 3 digital signature is used in railways through e-ticketing where an individual class 3A Digital Signature is required to issue tickets through the IRCTC railway govt website so it is necessary to have an Individual class 3 Digital signature certificate online. 


High Court filing

Class 3 for High Court Filing

Class 3 Digital Signature certificate required for filing of documents, class 3 digital signature is very secure in protection that’s why high court prefers class 3 digital signature certificates, now advocates can easily do filing online through class 3 digital signature.


Difference between Class 3 or class 2 Digital Signature

Class 3 Signature

class 3 digital signature is a secure digital signature, it is known for its safety and secureness, for security purposes, it is issued after the identity certification, widely used in many online sites where data security like personal information is stored and needs to protect.

Class 2 Signature

The use of class 2 digital signature is to verify the signer’s details, it is widely used by many individuals or org, you can easily download it after verification from a trusted digital signature provider

Class 3 Digital Signature online Price

  • TYPE
  • Class 3 Individual
  • Class 3 Organisation Combo
  • Duration
  • 2 Year
  • 2 year
  • Price
  • 2000 Rs
  • 4000 Rs

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Frequently Asked Questions

To get class 3 digital signature online

  1. You need to go to apply button on class 3 digital signature
  2. Send out your details like pan and aadhar
  3. confirm the payment
  4. get Class 3 digital signature now via visit or courier

Documents required for class 3 digital signatures are

  • Aadhar
  • Pan card
  • Photo Identity
  • Passport and Driving license

The uses of both class 2 or class 3 are different in terms of safety and security class 3 Digital signature certificate is best and used by several Govt sites and on the other site class 2 digital signature certificate is used by individuals for signing and applying docs online.

Class 3 digital signatures are used in many several governments and org sites like IRCTC, procurement, trademark, and eFiling, eAuction, bidding, High court filing, and eTendering